Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Dean

This weekend we dropped the Princess and the Monkey boy off at their Nanny & Poppy's on Saturday morning and headed off for a surprise birthday for Dean. He sure was spoilt!

Belgium Bier Cafe at Fox Studios for lunch. His is the beer tasting platter, mine is that glass of wine. You can guess who almost needed rolling out of the restaurant after all that alco-hick-col. First "surprise", I took him to La Premiere to see The Dark Knight which was fantastic. We can't stop raving about Heath Ledger's role as the Joker. He was brilliant.

Next "surprise", he thought we were just going to dinner but we made a stop at the Westin to check-in for the night in our favourite room.

We had dinner at Kingsley's Steak House for the PERFECT steak, then back to the hotel for a relaxing bath and this morning we had breakfast at the hotel. We were going to go window shopping but were missing the kiddies so headed back to Mum's early.

And pressies, which Daddy needed help with.

I would swear she's not my child but apparently I used to like dressing in the same ridiculous fashion.

Nice relaxing weekend. 5 minutes after we got home normality bought us back to worth with a thud as Dean fed the kids dinner and I put washing away.


Ellie said...

Love the beer platter. So does Dean remember which one he liked best?

handmaiden said...

what a great weekend u organised

PinkLizzy said...

Happy Birthday Dean!

Emma said...

Happy birthday Dean! Glad you both had a great weekend! We so need to do something similar soon.