Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Baby Blankets

I'm on a roll..

One for Liam.

Already getting a trial run in bed tonight.

One for my cousin Craig & his wife Charelle who had a little girl, Saphyre, a few weeks ago. Congrats guys!

Liam's is a bit bigger, about 21" x 21", and Saphyre's is 18" x 18". The fabric in Liam's is my all-time favourite fabric I have found for boys. I wish I could get more as I wanted to "pimp up" his room with a bunch of things in it and co-ordinating colours. I just love the orange, red, white and blue combo. Of course I bought it just as this Kaffe Fassett Organic Dots Contrast fabric got sold out. So I've been saving this lonely yard for something special. It has light blue super soft flannel on the other side.

Saphyre's is from a flannel wrap we were given when Isabella was born and we didn't use much. She was just too damn big!. Isabella asked for a blanket in this fabric when I was going through my stash so I have a big one cut out for her and used the remainder for this one for Saphyre. It is so super soft and backed with a white flannel.


Handmaiden said...

You are definitely on a roll..... I often find once you make one thing once its easier to do multiples

Emma said...

What a great idea with the tag blankets! Love Liams fabric - pity you can't get more!

Lisa said...

Thanks Handmaiden and Emma, I think I can make these blind folded now!

durga said...

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