Thursday, August 21, 2008


The power cord has arrived! Photos have been retrieved from the camera.. Catch up time...

I was pulling at straws yesterday what I could do with no laptop to work on. I can check emails on Dean's laptop he left me to work on, but no design programs so no "proper" work and a back too sore to sew. So...

I folded my stash away.

Made a batch of cupcakes for Dean to take to work to celebrate his and his workmate, Brents birthdays which are Saturday and tomorrow. They're all iced up now with Vanilla Buttercream. Yummm.

And I baked this No Knead Bread from the NY Times in 2006. It was finished just in time for dinner last night and it was BEAUTIFUL. I have another batch ready to cook tonight. It was so quick and simple and doesn't have that yeasty-taste that I don't normally like in our homemade bread attempts.

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