Saturday, August 30, 2008

Tutorial List Update

Head over here for my updated tutorial list added with some extra tutorials that have caught my eye. A big thank you to Danielle who also emailed me with links to some more great tutorials that I have added too. (Sorry I don't know your blog address if you have one). She also sent me a link to a non-English blog that is just jammed packed with tutorials, and once I have a spare few hours (or maybe days!), I will go through them and be posting them too. Thanks again Danielle.

These are the new tutorials: Spool Spool Sewing's Sewing Machine Cover, Spool Sewing's Grocery Tote, Studio Tantrum's Dings Da Organiser, UK Lass in US's Fabric Dollhouse, Made by Petchy's Ipod Nano Cover, Habitual's Sundress, Sew Christine's Wallet with coin compartment, Home Companion's Sweet Treat Apron


Liesl said...

Ooooh - I can't wait to go through the updates. I'm making up a variation on Petchy's iPod Nano cover at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Hi, that must have been the Danielle I know, you can find der Blog at:

funny automatic Translation or german original

I´m so glad I found your Blog through her fantastic tutorials list!

Best wishes from Germany,