Saturday, August 9, 2008

Vintage skirt

On my way home from collecting "supplies" from Spotlight, I finally remembered to stop into this little fabric shop that I pass every time but forget about/there's no parking out the front etc etc. Well, Houston we have a problem, it is fantastic! To start the material is really well priced, and they have so many dress making fabrics it made me giddy. Then there is the selection of ribbons. OH. MY. GOD. Every style, colour, thickness you could think of.

Now I am NOT an "op-shopper". I don't get it. I think because I have never found those bargins people seem to find. I think my local op-shops have cottoned on to the trend and their prices are crazy. But this place had hidden in all it's little corners vintage fabric, vintage patterns, vintage buttons, heck it even had vintage tea cups and handbags.

So this is my first ever buy of vintage stuff. I bought these gorgeous vintage curtains which were selling in bundles of 1.5m. Then I grabbed some crocheted ribbon and beautiful apricot quilting cotton (these weren't vintage).

And voila, a skirt for Bella. Made up this afternoon and I am so happy with it, it came out 100% like I imagined.

I love the detail in the fabric, I love the ribbon I sewed on at the bottom and I love the apricot flowers peeking through. She is wearing this tomorrow to a Christening we are going to and I will be taking photos but couldn't help put it up now.

I bought another piece of vintage curtain for a dress and some dusk rose coloured velvet ribbon for a summer dress that I can't wait to make up in the next few days too. Not that it's anywhere near warm enough to wear. I see alot of my money being spent in this shop, and it's even closer than Spotlight... that could be dangerous!


Liesl said...

That's a really pretty skirt. Perfect to wear to a Christening. The shop sounds amazing ... pity about it be closer than Spotlight ... sounds like it could get expensive!

Miss Moo said...

That's lovely. Did you sew to a pattern or just make one up?

Lisa said...

Thanks hoppo bumpo and miss moo! No I didn't use a pattern, just a basic two rectangle skirt with an elastic loop.

Kate said...

wow, that skirt is divine. Very creative to think it up from a curtain off cut! Where is this shop???? Sounds fantastic!

Lisa said...

Thanks Kate. If I told you where it was I would have to kill you. It's called Pitt Street Trading and is in Ramsgate here in Sydney.

Ellieboo said...

A beautiful skirt - dont you love it when it turns out just how you imagined. Thanks for giving away the secret location of the shop - I live in Sydney but dont have a car so I think your shop is safe from me....for the moment:)