Friday, August 22, 2008

Stitches and Craft Show

The Monkey and I went to the Stitches and Craft show today, my first time, and wow. I picked up so many goodies and spotted many many many more. But I had self-control and just bought a little bit but bought home a stack of business cards to do some online shopping later.

The Living Creatively level was absolutely my favourite and I bought almost everything I came home with from there. I wish they had more people displaying. Or maybe my bank account is happy they didn't.

I met Kristen from the Cheekybeaks blog who was just lovely. Liam took a real liking to her and her bunny who was on display. I bought a couple of things from her and before I left had to go back and get some more. Turns out from reading her blog a little more closely tonight that she's local to me too, another "Shire" girl. All up I ended up with a fabric scraps bag, a bunny pattern and a panel of this ladybug fabric which she showed me so many things I could make with it.

I also met Nicole from NicoleMDesign who I recently drove crazy with all my interfacing questions when making Dean's laptop case. I picked up this coin purse pattern and splurged on the version with the Lara Cameron material, but also was eyeing off the Puff purse pattern.

These goodies were from Tuttifruiti. They had so many lovely things.

This material. Forgot to grab a card from this lady. If anyone knows her name? She had some lovely brown ones too which I wish I grabbed but as it was only the third place I visited and had already bought from all three I thought I better restrain myself!

I passed a bunch of men crafting these incredible bowls and things from wood live at the show. Apparently they only get together to do it once or twice a year at the show. Anyway, when they make their pieces there are often offcuts which they turn into their "Charity Bowls". They were only $5 each and all money made from these bowls go towards Cochlear Impants.

This fat quarter from here. They also had THE most gorgeous cupcake material and matching polka dots material. I'm still kicking myself I didn't buy it, but I just didn't know what I would use it on.

Sand art for Isabella from here.

I also found a stall that was selling iron on interfacing and vliesoflix for so much cheaper than Spotlight so I grabbed a metre of each. Even their freight is super cheap so I might be ordering from them again.

I came home with so many ideas for things to make I had to rush home to put them all down on paper! Now what do I make first??


Belinda said...

Lisa - didn't you know?? Kristen is always at the market that Tanya and I do! She is lovely.

LisaAnn said...

What a load of goodies! Lucky you!

Unknown said...

OH my goodness! You're soooo lucky! That's it, I'm gonna have to come to sydney for next years show!

Cindy said...

I so love the Lara coin purses. What a great selection you managed to pick out.

Anonymous said...

You are going to be busy!!