Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pants anyone?

So I'm on a roll with pants. Denim cargos yesterday, and today so far two pairs of PJ pants all done, one for each crazy child. My first attempt at ribbing and it worked great. I'm still deciding what style of matching top to make, maybe a kimono one? Would that work? hmmm. I think I'm just finding any excuse to make kimono tops.

Also cut up two pairs of fleece tracksuit pants, one for each previously mentioned bonkers child, just needing sewing up. All boring kind of sewing, but I'm enjoying being able to get a quick sewing fix.

One child is currently trying to EAT my sewing patterns and the other is trying to catch the cat on a high-speed persuit to give it a cuddle. This is going to end in tears for all four of us.


Handmaiden said...

You have been busy

PinkLizzy said...

Love the pants! Perfect for Ballarat.