Sunday, August 31, 2008

This Is... My Favourite Fabric/Craft Shop

OK, so I can't choose one...

For fabric: = Dangerous. Shipping to Australia is quick and at US$12 freight for up to about 8-9 yards of fabric, super cheap.

My new favourite 'special' fabric: Hand printed in Australia (just down the road from our house). Beautiful craft panels and colours and the linen used is fabulous. I can't wait to get some more of this fabric.

For patterns:

All things bag-a-licious:

I haven't visited many fabric shops in real life, but of those I've been too I love Pitt Trading at Ramsgate. Their ribbons and vintage fabric selection is drool-worthy. Last week I visited Jules at Loftus for the first time, and they had an amazing selection for what looked like such a tiny shop in a little street miles from any other shops. And while their fabrics aren't great, I can't go past a trip to Spotlight for the essentials at cheap prices.

Thanks to three buttons for hosting and handmaiden for this weeks This Is.


Anonymous said...

I always feel bad when I say "I do quite like going to Spotlight" because it just seems so... I don't know, like shopping at K-Mart when most of the kids get their clothes from the boutiques on Chapel St or something!
But you just can't beat it for price and for amount of stuff crammed under one roof! Also the opening hours are nice - they're open until 9pm on Thurs and Fri night. Which is handy because don't you always run out of the right colour cotton, or discover you need 10cm more of a trim during one of your evening sewing jaunts?

Thank you for sharing some of your favourite stores with us! I'm going to go check them out now :)

Two Cheese Please

Lisa said...

Thanks for the Duckcloth mention Lisa! Glad you like.