Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bits & Pieces

My to do list is haunting me. I'm always adding to it, but never seem to be taking things off it. I'm easily side-tracked! Like today, I made the linen Japanese Jacket for Isabella when I SHOULD have done something off my list. So tonight...

the cut-but-not-sewen kimono for another baby girl due before the end of the year got finished...

elastic got put in the Princess' cord skirt I made yesterday... No pattern, just winged it, and there is a red cord skirt and red cord pants I made Wednesday to match her new kimono jacket but she HAD to wear them yesterday so now they are in the wash. Should have taken photos first!

and the top stitching and elastic got put on this headband that was pinned together so long ago it's embarrassing. This doesn't even have an owner, I just cut two when I made one for a friend's daughter.

I also finished off two gifts for my Pay-It-Forward friends. But no photos for them yet until they receive them. I'm very tempted to post the pics, I'm very happy with how they came together. One I did completely from scratch, no pattern, no instructions and it's bewutiful as Isabella put it.

I'm going to bed a happy person to have crossed five things off my list. Tomorrow I am determined to finish some more before I start ANYTHING new.

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