Tuesday, April 22, 2008

WIP and Dress

This is my WIP, a book for the Monkey. So far three pages have been done, a monkey, giraffe and some fish. The reeds in the fishy page haven't been sewen down completely and there is a little fishy hiding behind them that Liam can find. I am making it with felt sheets and it is all hand sewen which is surprisingly relaxing to do. Slow but relaxing. We have chosen some of the animals from our favourite books and I have a couple more almost done.

Sunday was the Monkey's christening. It was a lovely day with all our close family and friends. Liam wore his white overalls and kimono style jacket and looked very dashing and Isabella had her dress with a lovely black jacket. I made myself a dress on Friday night to wear. What posseses me to start these projects at 9.30 at night when I have so many other things I SHOULD be doing is beyond me. I also seem completely inable to leave things overnight to be finished if I know it can be done that night. Anyway, the dress came out lovely and was very nice to wear. It doesn't photograph well though because it is dead straight, but hopefully I will have some photos from the Christening later this week from my dad's camera as he was taking all the photos on the day. The pattern was from New Look.


PinkLizzy said...

Lisa I LOVE them! The dress is gorgeous and the book is a brilliant, inspired idea.
Really cool.

Lisa said...

Thank you pinklizzy :-)

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.