Monday, April 7, 2008

A present all finished

Yesterday after lunch Isabella really wanted to have a play on the beach, so Dean, Liam & I came home and she had a play with Nanny & Poppy and then they walked back to our house. On the way Isabella picked these flowers for me... my first flowers from her :-)

Sewing has been quiet this week as work has been very very busy with a new customer and 3 others all ready to finish their websites. But last night the machine came back out to complete an apron a friend asked for for a 3 year old's birthday party this weekend. It's pretty exciting, the first thing someone has asked me to make for them!

I love this apple fabric I picked up from Spotlight a couple of weeks ago. I also picked up some fabric with fried eggs all over it as an alternative.. now to decide what to do with that! Maybe I'll make myself an apron and a matching one for Isabella or maybe one for Nanny or Nanna.

I also tried out from the Bend-The-Rules book, a matching bag which I have been wanting to try. I made mine with the same sized handles though rather than one short and one long

All ready to go.

I spoke to my cousin Craig yesterday and found out that their baby is coming at the end of July and is going to be another little girl. Craig is one of 3 boys and all have now had a girl first. The other 2 boys (and us of course) have all then had a boy second, we'll see if that trend continues.

So now off to plan what I can make for their baby girl. My friend is also having a baby, not until November, and she liked the bag I made for my mother-in-law, so one is being planned for her and I am designing it with all the compartments a nappy bag needs. At least I have plenty of time to finish it and find the right fabric.
We had our last dancing lesson this morning. We are going to give next term a miss as we plan on continuing the private swimming lessons. I'm kind of looking forward to a morning off during the week, at the moment we have something on everyday except Mondays. Isabella loved her dancing, hopefully term 3 we'll be back.
And just because... My spunky little monkey this morning.

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