Thursday, April 17, 2008

Isabella's Dress

All week I have been thinking I *should* have made Isabella a dress for Liam's Christening this Sunday. But with the christening on Sunday and only Friday left to be able to get the material from Spotlight AND make the dress plus the other hundreds of things I seem to put off until Fridays when I only have 50% of the kids, I didn't want to loose the whole day so sadly gave up on the idea.

THEN I had my mother's group yesterday. How happy was I to turn up and my good friend Belinda had a bag full of leftover material from her gorgeous sewing for me. Now I love her even more :-). Inside was this dark stretch denim material, exactly what I had been wanting to use. I used my Burda Easy pattern again that is such a lovely plain dress.

Isabella LOVED it and when she tried it on for me this afternoon she danced in it for an hour refusing to take it off. Apparently it is like a "ballet dress mummy". But then all dresses are ballet dresses to her!

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PinkLizzy said...

AWWWWWWWW! Isabella reminds me of my own Isabelle. Everything is Ballet to her! Even while she's weilding a light saber and torturing the cat. It's still ballet.