Wednesday, April 23, 2008

PJ Bags

On my to-do list for a while has been a bag for the Monkey and the Princess' PJs and all the accessories we seem to need for bedtime. I picked up the purple and blue fabric from Ikea a few weeks back. The pink gingham goes with Isabella's bedding and the organic dots fabric by Kaffe Fassett came from my very first order of material from Repro Depot that I have been holding on to for something special for Liam. The "plan" is to use the dots fabric to make some bedding for Liam at some time, but I need to re-order more when it comes back into stock.

PS I finally figured out why my photos sometimes enlarge when clicked on in my blog and sometimes don't which has been driving me nuts. Apparently it is a bug that if you upload the photo usng the "Add Image" in the Compose window and then move the photo in the Compose window it looses some coding it needs. So I need to move any photos in the Edit HTML window. Just in case anyone else has the issue and is stumped. So now to go back and re-upload all my photos that don't work... bugger.

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