Sunday, April 6, 2008

Horton Hears a Who

No sewing this week, work has been very very busy. Which is good I suppose, but I miss my sewing machine. Isabella is off at Nanny & Poppy's tonight and for most of tomorrow so Liam has enjoyed some rare time with just Mum & Dad. He tried out the highchair for the the first time at our place and seemed pretty impressed. Well until Daddy ran out of food, then there were tears.

Isabella & I visited the movies for the first time today as part of a friend's kindy fundraiser. We lasted about an hour, which wasn't bad. If they didn't have 20mins of ads before the movie we would have probably lasted the whole movie. Plus silly mummy didn't pack enough food, so when the food ran out we sort of lost interest. The movie was Horton Hears a Who and for what we saw it was pretty good.

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