Friday, April 11, 2008

Villa Onje Work

No more finished sewing projects this week, one of my new clients website's went live, A couple more are also verrry near going live which will be a relief.

I do have a couple of projects almost done for Liam's Christening next week. Hopefully all finished off this weekend and I can share.

On the kiddy front, it's official... Liam is on the move! He commando crawled a couple of moves the other night but yesterday got his act together and was dragging himself all over the place. Worringly he seems to have a thing for shoes and even cornered Isabella tonight and tried gnawing on her shoes... while they were still on. He's like a possessed man, sees a pair of shoes and scoots right over to play with them. His Nanny works in a shoe shop and she will be pleased. At least he'll share his love of shoes with his sister who has more than most whole families combined!.

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