Saturday, April 12, 2008

Amy Butler Sweet Greetings Portfolio and another Apron

Our friend/neighbour Sarah heads back to work on Monday for the first time since their second daughter Bonnie was born 5 months ago. So I made her a notebook cover as a "good luck" from the free Amy Butler Sweet Greetings Portfolios pattern (using the small portfolio). My notebook was an A5 so I needed to added a few inches to the original pattern. This was such a quick and easy gift to make, I think I will have to make up more!

Sarah is also my local "apron dealer". She has one for her daughter Lacie with cupcakes, one for a 3rd birthday this weekend and she asked for another for a 2nd birthday next weekend. Here is the 2 year olds all folded ready to go.


Pinky said...

The Portfolio is just beautiful. What a thoughtful little gift. Will be checking out the instructions straight away. Thank you so much for always adding links to your posts.

Lisa said...

Thanks PL. It is amazing how easy some of these things are for gifts. I plan on making a few more for friends and family.