Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fried Egg Pants

Poor Dean has to listen to the sewing machine humming away most nights. If it's not the sewing machine, I'm off in a trance working on my laptop. So far he has seem me make lots of things, but nothing for him. It's hard to find things blokes will like!

So when I was at Spotlight last week I picked up a Simplicity pattern for "pajama" pants. I couldn't find any material I liked so just figured I would pop the patten away for later, but today while going through the ever-growing stash I found my groovy fried eggs material which I thought would be perfect! These are my first attempt at "adult" clothes and boy they take a lot longer to cut out than little 6 month old and 2 year old "little people" clothes!. They were dead simple to make though. I didn't use the twill tape in the pattern but black bias tape I had left over and just stitched it open. The material doesn't photograph very well, the material kind of looks like flowers! They look like proper fried eggs IRL though.

I also finished off a decoration for Liam's christening and also 99% finished his outfit which I'm pretty happy with. Only a couple more seams to go.


Pinky said...

Oh I LOVE them! Well done!

Lisa said...