Thursday, April 10, 2008


When I was in Year 1 at primary school, a new family moved into the neighbourhood and to my school all the way from England. They had two boys, Russell who was in my grade and a younger son Adam. All of their family remained in the UK, just as all of my mum's family are in New Zealand besides one sister who lives in Brisbane. So our two families hit it off straight away. All of our holidays were spent with them, we seemed to spend most weekends at one another's houses and every Xmas since then has been our two families combined. The parents soon became my "Aunt" and "Uncle" and the boys were like brothers. Today marks the 10th anniversary of when we lost Adam in an accident at the very young age of just 17.

10 years on he is still horribly missed. At Xmas we still use the napkin holders he made at primary school, his photos surround us all around and even our little Monkey has the middle name Adam in his memory. Dean lost his only sibling, his brother, 5 short years ago who Liam also bears the name of, Bradley. Russell has taken up all "Uncle" duties and both Isabella and Liam love him to death.

Just last night Russell was over for dinner and all day, everywhere we went Isabella let everyone know that her "Unkie Russell" was coming over and she had to get home. Poor guy became a jungle-gym the minute he walked in the door. He must have been glad to escape after dinner!

Finally today a moment (and some spare battery in the camera) to capture the princess and the monkey together. Oh and KC the cat even managed a photo. She was less than impressed we were interrupting her 23 hour sujorn on the bed as per every day.


Belinda said...

That is a really sad, but really beautiful post! I didn't know the story behind Liam's full name!

Lisa said...

Thank you. Most people do look at us funny when they hear he has two middle names!