Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Yesterday, up before the crack of dawn, Eva, Dean and I headed to the Sydney Children's Hospital for surgery and tests to be done under anesthetic. It's hard to explain to a 3 month old why she can't have her bottle she so desperately wants, but thank goodness she got into theater early so was only upset for a short time.

recovering under the Ripple blanket Mummy finally pulled back out of the knitting WIP box

Surgery done, a super quick recovery meaning we could come home yesterday afternoon and now hopefully one last batch of surgery in four weeks. Just like her big sister who had the same surgery at 12 months old, by last night, she was happy, smiling last night and back to her bubbly self.

So after a big day yesterday, I proclaimed today a stay home day. A day to put all the washing away, let Eva recuperate in her own bed, finish some pants for Eva, and even do some baking with my little Masterchef Liam.

"is it done yet?, is it done yet?, is it done yet?"...

I think the only reason he likes cooking is so he can eat the batter...

finally, a nice big batch of Snickerdoodles for our afternoon tea.

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Ellyn said...

So glad little miss Eva is recovering nicely. It does look like Liam enjoys that batter! Did he have room left in his belly for the finished cookies?