Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday fun

This morning after swimming lessons were done, all six of us piled into the car... yes you read that right SIX.

The cat needed a trip to the vet.

So we sacrificed our arms to the claws of death, squeezed KC's furry butt into the tiny carrier, and proceeded to be meowed at the whole drive there. I'm sure she was trying to make a deal "If I promise not to vomit ever again will you take me home PLEASEEEE"

Restrained family members arrived safely

Isabella and Liam marveled at a dog the size of a horse who came in just after us and KC amused herself doing laps of the carrier to see if there might have been a way out that she hadn't found in the past 14 years.

Quick checkup, blood test and a couple of needles later, with no change from $250 (cats should be on the Medicare Safety Net with the rest of the family... expensive little things) we made it home. Cat traumatised from the experience and sulking under the bed for the rest of the afternoon, a sick feeling Bella plonking on the lounge to watch Octonauts on repeat,

and Liam and I built a giant train track around the lounge room

Weekends with the family are awesome.... now to abandon them for the evening and go out for dinner with a girlfriend!


Ellyn said...

what an adventure! I hope Bella is feeling better.

ange_moore said...

Octonauts very popular here and we seriously need to get ourselves more train track - my son is desperate for a more complicated track configuration than the figure-8 we're able to do at the moment!!

Hope you had a good dinner out and the kiddos survived without you!