Friday, June 24, 2011


All wrapped in bed, getting ready for a nap, but at 12 weeks old, Miss Eva, the cheeky little muffin, has worked out how to rock the cradle by pushing her legs up and down to make her beautiful ball that hangs above her shake back and forth. Oh the giggles when she sees it moving!. (Customised "Evangeline" ball from my lovely friend Helen at Ensparkle, too pretty to be packed away until Christmas)

(oh the concentration to get that little ball to move)

She's also a "sometimes" dummy girl. Sometimes we like it. Sometimes we don't. On the occasion she does want it to go to sleep, she sucks like crazy and just as she is about to nod off, spits it out of her mouth at such a force that it flies across her cradle, to be lost in the foot of her blankets. Cheeky I tell 'ya. So a new dummy holder cortesy of some ribbon, snaps, and a safety pin to keep her dummy attached to the blanket so we can find it.

Lucky she's cute... cheeky girl.

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