Thursday, June 30, 2011

persistent or down right stubborn?

Day 1. Late evening.

I was sleepy, but determined to make something. Mistake #1

Cutting went well, all pieces for Simplicity 2922 dress version with flat sleeves ready to go, I decided to keep going and see if I could finish it to wear tomorrow. Mistake #2

Shoulder seams, done. Perfect.

Neck band sewn on back to front. Mistake #3. (Note to self, should have given up here)

Neck band facing attached. Realise bobbin not catching thread properly. Mistake #4. Unpick, retread and do again.

Overlock back seam. Realise one of the threads had snapped back at the beginning. Mistake #5. Unpick, retread and do again.

Seriously, you'd think I would have given up by now. Nope.

Sew side seam. Success.

Overlock side seam while not paying attention to hungry overlocker munching away on fabric that has accidently folded under. Mistake #6. Giant hole in bottom now making dress a tunic.

Attach neck band to dress. Realise bobbin not catching thread properly again. Mistake #7. Unpick, retread and do again.

Then I gave up for the night, threw the should have been a dress but now a short tunic, into the corner and went to bed, about an hour later than I should have, surprised I didn't somehow sew myself to the fabric.

Day 2

New day, new start.

Get the zip out I bought. Why is it black??? I was supposed to get white. Mistake #8.

End of day 2, tunic thrown back in the corner.

Day 3

Armed with new zipper, sew zipper to back and manage to sew last remaining seams and hems without incident.

I'm still wondering why I persisted finishing the tunic, especially considering the fabric cost a grand total of $4.80, but surprisingly, after all the swearing under my breath, I'm happy with the outcome, it fits well, and there is no evidence of the number of mistakes I made while making it...

Let's hope the Portfolio dress by Lisette that I have to make next is a bit less mistake-ridden.


Miss Prudence said...

So nice to hear others share my kinds of mistakes - I had ruffle issues all week!

Copper Patch said...

Maybe a bit of both. I would have given up heaps sooner!!!
Eva has grown heaps. Love her monthly photo.