Thursday, June 16, 2011

pattern: mistake rib school scarf (ravelled)
yarn: Lincraft Cosy Wool in the school color's navy

Mistake Rib School Scarf
Two strands DK/8 ply held together
5mm needles
  • Cast on 36 stitches
  • * K2, P2 * repeat between ** until end of row, end with a P1
  • Repeat row until desired length and cast off.
Ready to wrap around Bella's neck and snuggle nice and warm, well once I have sewn her name tag on, cause this kid looses EVERYTHING at school.

1 comment:

DangAndBlast! said...

Wouldn't you have to cast on an odd number of stitches for that to work? Either that, or don't work your final stitch? (But that way wouldn't make the nifty zig-zag depth rib.)