Monday, June 6, 2011

Make It Perfect Kid's Vest

Pattern: Kid's Vest from Make it Perfect book

Made for the Monkey boy, a super warm vest with grey drill for the outside and a cute spooky halloween print for the interior. (Why do we have Halloween fabric in Spotlight in Australia in June?).

I wish I had realised that this would turn out to be completely reversible, I would have found a reversible open end zip. Oh well, next time... The fit is great, plenty of room for warm winter tops underneath, and with only a couple pattern pieces I had it cut out and sewn all in one evening once the babes were all in bed.

I've been on a crafting spree in the evenings, making the most of Miss Eva now sleeping through the night, this week as well as the vest I have made an Oliver & S Playdate dress, Make It Perfect Coastal Breeze dress, finishing knitting Bella's school scarf, and just have the hem to do on a cute dress for Eva. All just waiting to be photographed and blogged.

Next up on the cutting table, some matching cargo pants for Liam from the Make it Perfect book.


Cass said...

I love that vest. My girls love vests might have to think about making some

Vanessa said...

I am attempting to make this vest from the Make it Perfect book in a size 4, but I've found the 40 cm zip I bought as per the instructions is too big by about an inch, I've double checked my cut pattern. Did you have this problem?