Saturday, October 23, 2010

To Do {Blogtoberfest Day 23}

Fridays. I love you and I hate you.

I am child-free from 7.15am when Daddy walks out the door to take you both to daycare until 5pm when I pickup you exhausted little persons up.

The house is quiet.
I can listen to music I want to without the I want food/DVD/play/destroy all day long.

But I'm silly enough to put ALL my chores that involve leaving the house onto one day. Tell me I'm not the only person to do it??

It's great being able to wander around the shops getting what I need done without watching four small legs going running off in different directions, but when you spend 3 hours driving and stopping different parts of town before lunch... blah.

But Fridays are chore day and yesterday after doing my running about, next on my list was to start on some Christmas sewing. There was lots of cutting, and only one finished product (the little boy nappy cover... cute) but I've made progress. Plus there were no little people sitting next to me, scissors in hand ready to "help" Mummy, can't complain Fridays aren't good.

Curvy Clutches in progress

A finished boy nappy cover, a semi-finished girl nappy cover with ruffles and some Kokka car fabric destined for car wraps

Hopefully I will achieve more on this pile before next Friday...

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