Sunday, October 17, 2010

Replenishing Supplies {Blogtoberfest Day 17}

Generally, I don't have a "stash". I have 3 small plastic boxes with 1 metre and less pieces in them, but otherwise, when I want to sew something I will go out and specifically get the fabric I want for it and the right amount. So after using up all my "delegated" fabric, and waiting for fabric from Pink Chalk, Quilthome and Etsy to arrive for the remainder of my to do list, today's outing worked in perfectly.

The lovely Ms Kristen and I piled into my car and headed to the Better Homes and Gardens show. Bypassing all that "home & garden" part and bee lining straight for the craft areas, we stocked up on some lovely new fabric.

For me from Amitie

Fabric pieces from Lisa at Duckcloth for a pair of shorts for Liam and 2 skirts for Bella.

Gorgeous Balloons from Kokka for a playmat for the new baby from Duckcloth. On the way home from my local craft shop I picked up some latte coloured gingham for the back, matching perle 8 and some wadding.

Kristen got some gorgeous fabric for a dress the race is on to see who finishes first! (HA I napped yesterday afternoon so I could get started last night when I knew she wasn't home to start... I'm totally going to win).


Brighton Breezy said...

love this post! "I don't have a stash but I have ... " Let's just say, that to a non-stitcher that would be a stash!

Beautiful new fabrics and LOL at you catching a quick nap to win the race!

Kristen Doran said...

You won. TOTALLY. Haven't even cut mine out yet. Doh.

Embroidery said...

Great people done i like the way of yours....!!

Cass said...

Why didn't I realise there would be fabric at the Better Homes and Gardens show. Great buys