Friday, October 15, 2010

Farbenmix UTA aka The Daycare Version {Blogtoberfest Day 15}

Back at Sew it Together I received a copy of the Farbenmix UTA pattern. At the time, having never sewed and being particularly frightened of attempting knits, I stuffed it in a draw and pretended it didn't exist.

After (what I call) success with the Oliver & S Hopscotch pattern a couple of times, a few days ago I ordered a bunch of different knits and a new Patty Young knit pattern, taking advantage of the Aussie dollar. Finding this green heart knit in a basket (also shoved away in fear of knits) I thought I would try the UTA with this as a test run.

There's a few reasons I'm calling it "The Daycare Version".

1. It took me an hour to translate the German written instructions with Google Translate. I think I was already over this pattern by step 1.
2. For some reason (ok I was trying to rush) I decided to skip cutting the top half and bottom skirt separately, joining them to make one piece for the front and one for the back
3. I was playing with the settings on my overlocker non-stop. Every seam is different. Blah. But now I do have nice settings on my overlocker for the next project, a bonus I suppose.
4. The fabric is TERRIBLE. It hasn't even been washed and half the hearts are coming off.
5. Somehow I got the join of the binding around the neck at the front of the dress. (I probably shouldn't even admit that since no one would pick it up from the photo but well, I was on a roll screwing it all up)
6. After all the above, I couldn't be bothered hemming it properly, I just did a rolled hem

... so hence the "Daycare Version". Isabella does like it though, and the colour is pretty on her, my luck she'll ask to wear this all the time.


CurlyPops said...

I can't see any of those problems, and it looks super cute!

The O's said...

It looks lovely Lisa! Cool and super comfy.
What a challenge though... I admire your persistence!