Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Roarrr {Blogtoberfest Day 5}

A birthday present for a little just turned 5 friend who is totally into Dinosaurs, pink, purple and green.

(I haven't linked to the pattern, cause to tell the truth the instructions were terrible. My friend bought a different pillow pattern from the same company and had the same problems as me and the kit she purchased had pieces cut too small to be used too.)


CurlyPops said...

Even with the problems, it turned out to be super cute. I love purple and green together - it really pops.

The O's said...

Can't wait till that little friend receive's this! Sadly the pictures I took of my finished pillow are on the camera which is in the suitcase somewhere in Virgin Blue's lost luggage department...

But what you have said here about the pattern is true and took a call to WA to find out that the pattern had a bit of 'free will/style about it... it would have been nice had the fabric been at least big enough to cut as it was vaguely suggested it should be.