Friday, October 29, 2010

More fabric {Blogtoberfest Day 29}

There is nothing like fabric to make a gal feel a little better. Check out those fat quarters of the whole Far Far Away II range... hmmm pretty.

Now if only I could stop my head spinning and stand up long enough to DO something with it.

PS. Thanks to everyone who sent me lovely messages after my woe-is-me post yesterday. A trip to the GP and diagnosis of an inner-ear infection plus a few vials of blood handed over to see if there is something else other than morning sickness causing all this yuck.


Karin van D. said...

Oh, an inner ear infection. That's nasty. I hope you'll be feeling better again soon!

And those fabrics are very pretty indeed.

The O's said...

Oh an inner ear thing, that's gunna make you feel less than ordinary for sure!

If you didn't live so darn far away there would be a meal brought over and swapped for kids overnight bags and jammies!

Hope you get to play with the fabric soon!

Feel better my friend.

Ellyn said...

I hope all the tests come back normal & you are feeling your perky self again soon! the fabrics are lovely.