Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Half Meter Skirts {Blogtoberfest Day 20}

With the two half meter pieces I bought from Duckcloth at the BHG show on the weekend, the Two Little Banshees Half Meter Skirt tutorial that I saved in my favourites a week or so ago was perfect.

Fabric: Robert Kauffman

For the second skirt I cut the two pieces out with the same measurements as the tutorial, but instead of gathers I put in pleats at the front instead and added a matching grey binding to the hem instead of a "normal" folded hem.

Fabric: Echino Migratory Bird in Magenta

I think this Echino skirt is one of my favourites of the ones I have made for Isabella, it looks like such a pretty party skirt.


meika said...

Gorgeous fabrics! I agree the Echino one is particularly special!

The O's said...

Oh they look easy... might branch out and give them a go at some stage... in all that spare time!

This is sad, my first load of the day used to be the bank, now it is your blog!

Kate said...

Love those fabrics - and really like it with the pleats.

Ellyn said...

beautiful! I love them both. What a lucky little girl