Monday, October 18, 2010

Roundabout Dress {Blogtoberfest Day 18}

After spending all Sunday afternoon sleeping or perched on the lounge in a semi-conscious slumber, this morning I finished my Anna Marie Roundabout dress from our shopping expedition on Saturday.

Pattern: Roundabout Dress from Anna Marie Horner
Fabric: From Amitie, but not sure of the range.

I'm not so sure on the fabric now, too busy? Black leggings might tone it down, I'm just not used to wearing prints. I do love the colours though. It fits perfect (for now), and the fabric is so light it will perfect for the hotter months.

Mondays are our only "home" day, the only day of the week when we have no activities. The kids have set up a little cafe with their teddies as the patrons and they are cooking up a storm on Liam's new kitchen and I plan on sewing up a couple of skirts and shorts for them. We love Mondays...


Ellyn said...

oh that's darling! But I so want to see it ON YOU my sweet friend! I love the fabric, it will be so cute with leggings or a pair of stretchy blue jeans. Enjoy your Monday, mine starts in, oh, 12 hours & I too look forward to it!

Belinda said...

Yeah, have you tried it with jeans? Could work! Can't wait to see it on you!