Monday, May 4, 2009

A Granny a Day Part Trois

These squares are still multiplying, not daily, but still growing. I've even started joining them as I go because the thought of having to join 100 little squares together at the end is kind of daunting. I like the idea of slowly seeing it grow, I think it motivates me a bit more.

And now I have this...

The beginings of one big Granny Square. I am trying to add at least one round each day, which is easy now but you can imagine as it gets bigger! It's intended to be a baby/stroller blanket, but we'll see how big it gets. Currently it's 9" square, not too bad for 3 days work so far. Well for me anyway.


Cass said...

Looks great Lisa

Car said...

Great work so far Lisa! I'm still trying to attempt one round a day on mine - currently 27" and counting :)