Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kid's Mail Swap #2

I signed Isabella up for Pigeon Pair's Kid's Mail Swap #2. Together we picked out some cards, and while I drew a picture on the front and stamped the names, Isabella stuck a picture of her and Liam inside and a pretty sticker and wrote her name.

Then she dictated to me what we should write. I figured I better write it because they did need to get into the post before 2012. We headed to the shops and picked out a little animal pencil from Smiggle, some more stickers and a postcard with a picture of Cronulla where we live.

She can't wait to get a letter from the other kids. It's such a brilliant idea, thank you Pigeon Pair.


Christie said...

very welcome, thanks for signing up!

Ali said...

My kids are a part of this too - we have had so much fun making, sending and receiving - such a lovely idea!