Thursday, May 14, 2009

In-the-Bag Organiser

More Ikea fabric for my new In-the-Bag Organiser to carry all the "bits" that get moved between handbag/nappy bag/swimming bag/shopping bags.

Mobile/Blackberry pouch on the back for easy access.

Left side has a zippered pouch (fits my asthma puffer, lipgloss etc.), a flap behind it with a small case of hand wipes for grotty children, and a pouch at the front for a little notebook for shopping lists/letting the kids draw etc.

Pen/pencil holder in the middle. Sick of hunting through the bottom of my bag for one.

Right side has another pouch at the front for my sketchbook and then another flap behind it to take bills/papers etc. with me.

PS. Like the fabric underneath? Last week I finally made a new ironing board cover. Somehow the last time my Mother in Law was here she burnt a giant big hole in our good one, and then sent us the world's weirdest one to replace it, about 3 times too big. Anyway all fixed. Only took 6 months.


B said...

This is brilliant! I need one of these!

dreamsandcraft said...

Simply charming.
Regards, Giovanna

CurlyPops said...

Gorgeous! I need one of these too. I constantly swap handbags and this would make my life so much easier.