Friday, August 21, 2009

Stitches & Craft Show

Yesterday was my adventure to the Stitches & Craft show. I was too sleepy to post last night and feeling a bit blurg so crept into bed very early.

As I expected, this year 90% of my time (and 99.9% of my money) was spent up on the Incubator level. I visited all my faves, bought from most, and some new ones. This year's incubator was so much bigger than last year, the Craft Labs were great and the Craft Bars looked popular too. They definitely made up for the bottom floor which was.... well... nonexistant. I don't do beading, I don't scrapbook, don't need soaps, or some funny looking exercise machine so other than a new rotary cutter blade and some check fabric from one of only a very very very small handful of fabric stores my time on the bottom level was pretty short.

Last year there seemed to be a whole lot more fabric downstairs so I was hoping to grab a fair bit, oh well lucky there wasn't I suppose because I did enough damage to my bank account up on level 4.

So what did I bring home?

back: wool felt from Winterwood, 25ct floba cloth to attempt some embroidery from the Made in France book, some dark grey and pink checkered fabric to make the kids some shorts for daycare and an UBER cute Mini Owl kit from craftschmaft
front: 2x cute bell buttons from Giggle Buttons, a new Olfa blade, the latest Mixtape, a clip and elastic set for Bella from Kids with Crayons and 4x fat quarters from Dandi.

And lots of patterns. Lots and lots of patterns. The downside to patterns is now I have to find time to make them all. Well except the button brooch from Dearfii cause I went to her crafty lab and made one. FYI I am the slowest button maker on the planet, but she was super-patient and lovely.

Matroyshka pattern from Kristen Doran, still as lovely as can be, she always makes you feel welcome! Kids Hat pattern from Nikki who remembered me from last year... she has a memory!, apple pincushion pattern from Craftapalooza which Belinda was selling, Baby Perles from Dearfii, Cosmo Caterpillar from Kate and some gorgeous pink sock yarn from Kate too. Not sure who will win a pair of socks from it, it'll be a fight between me and Bella. At the front is a Pippiejoe card.

Finally my haul of embroidery panels. What am I going to do with them? They were just too nice to leave. The top is from Prints Charming and the others from The Red Thread.

Finally I actually LEFT something at the show.. a little something I made Fi to say thanks for my free ticket. Another pin holder thingy (I need a better name) made from wool felt.

Maybe one year they might make a WHOLE show of the incubator level, I'd certainly be in line to see that. I'd love to see the Melbourne show too, sounds like that was fantastic.


PinkLizzy said...

Lisa, Nice Haul!

Kate said...

Good shopping! It was so lovely to meet you!