Thursday, August 13, 2009

Evolving Projects

Most sewing projects start as something to fill a need. An idea of what I want to give to someone and then the process of figuring out what to make. Recently I was lent a lovely book on embroidery, so as I got ready to pack it up to send back to it's home I decided I wanted to send a thank you, something embroidery based.

I have a lovely stash of embroidery threads, so I picked out some lovely colours I thought she might like and decided to add something to hold embroidery needles to go on a ring, easy to add/remove more colours. I often take stitching with me to do while watching the kids swimming lessons or play so hopefully she would find it useful too.

So it started as this...
A flower made of felt with needles on the back, on an embroidery loop with some threads.

Then I thought having a spot for some quilting/sewing pins might be handy.

Safety pins are always good to have on hand for elastic threading and holding pieces together. Lets add a spot for them and a little embroidered matroyshka.

OK wasn't this supposed to be something small??

But what if she wants to hold MORE thread or spare thread holders or little scissors... better add a little pocket
That's it I'm done. A "small project" evolved to something completely different but I love the end result. No sewing machine on this little gift. A lovely way to spend an afternoon. Kids were playing, reading me stories while I hand stitched away adding random buttons and embroidery.

Now I want to make one for myself.


Cathy said...

fantastic - so useful and so pretty.

Cass said...

Great idea Lisa

Ellyn said...

what a sweet idea! I love it

handmaiden said...

Lisa, u have done a great job of evolution

Meika said...

What a great idea!

Karin van Dam said...

That's really lovely! Now, can I lend you something? ;-)