Saturday, August 15, 2009

Aussie Farmers

Thanks to one of our friends, this week I signed up for Aussie Farmers. The speil from their website says...

Aussie Farmers Direct is a free home delivery service providing fresh products that are 100% Australian owned and produced

...Our range of fresh goods include – MILK, BREAD, EGGS, BACON, CHEESE, COFFEE, JUICE, WATER, FRUIT AND VEGETABLES and in some areas MEAT. Products are delivered to your door twice weekly, before 7am ensuring freshness. Prices are very competitive and the quality of our produce is unsurpassed.

So every Wednesday we'll open the door to milk and a fruit loaf, Friday afternoons is a big family sized box of fruit & vegetables and Saturday mornings, more milk and freshly cooked bread. Yep no more lugging home bags of milk (4 x 3L minimum each week) and kilos of fruit & veg.

Now our new challenge is rather than picking our meals and THEN shopping, making meals from what turns up in our full-of-whatever-is-fresh-from-the-farmers box.

So 2 nights into our box and last night we made up these Chicken Hor Fun Noodles from Not Quite Nigella. I used 1/2 the bok choy, some broccoli (not chinese broccoli I know but it's what we had), and I added some of the mushrooms thinly sliced. The kids DEVOURED it including seconds.

Tonight using up the potato (instead of buying pre-made mash the recipe says.. ick) and 1 of the corn cobs we had yummy Salmon & Corn cakes using a recipe from Another dish that was a hit with the kids and involved them eating what I thought might go in the freezer for another day.

Tomorrow night.. a slow cooked Rosemary & Mint boneless shoulder of lamb with the pumpkin and sweet potato. We had to pickup more potatos at the market today and some carrots but that's going to happen, at least the main stuff is here!


Belinda said...

Yay, glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

Another fan over here! I've been getting the milk and bread for over a year, but started the fruit & veg order three weeks ago. Its brilliant! I like eating in season and having to think of new things to make. Other friends say the meat is also terrific. (The cheese, bacon and bagels are also very nice!)

Happy cooking!!!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Ooops, that anonymous comment was supposed to be me!

Liesl x

CurlyPops said...

I used to have a similar service and it was actually fun to try to work out what to make with the contents of the mystery fruit and veg box.

Karin said...

Sounds great! We did a similar thing a while ago here, only we had to pick it up once a week. The downside then, though, for us, was that in the winter the vegetables mainly consisted of (different kind of) cabbage. Lots and lost of cabbage. And, considering I have been either pregnant or breatfeeding in the last couple of years and our little ones didn't respond that well to me eating cabbage, we decided to get our fruits and vegetables somewhere else. It's a shame though, I really liked the thought behind it.