Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Eye Spy.. Inspiration

Is it possible to be an over-inspired person? That's me. Everywhere I turn I see magazines, books to buy or borrow at the library, blogs, blogs, and more blogs, websites run by communities of crafters, photographs, fabric ranges, and recipes that inspire me to craft, cook, clean and even be a Mother. My Google Reader subscriptions are a little out of control.

But what probably inspires me the most other than blogs is the reaction I get from my kids, family and friends including comments on my blog posts. Seeing something I have made be used how it was planned whether it is a gift or something simple like a school bag for my kids that they use every week inspires me to think up new things that I can make instead of buying.

'Cause don't you know everytime I make something for my kids, one hand has it's fingers crossed that they are going to like it because we all know if a kid doesn't like something, you might as well give it away because they will NEVER be forced to use it unless punishment of intense yelling and tantrums. Seeing their love for something I have made, makes me want to make something again straight away.

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