Sunday, August 9, 2009

Just a minute... In July

Yet I am well aware that we are almost half way through August for me to be talking about July. Let's just pretend I posted this a week ago.

Greiving... for Poppy in hospital for the last week in July and the loss of a baby for our dear friends

Meeting... Cousins neither Bella or Liam have met

Thankful... for all our friends and family and all their messages of support

Loving... sleep ins by kidlets, the record being 9.20am

Planning... a knitted cardigan for Liam, a knitted shrug for Mum and new summer wardrobes for everyone

Cooking... lots of new recipes and testing out the slow cooker alot with great success

Eating... strawberries almost every day

Working... on my new super laptop, able to leap websites with a single bound

Looking forward to... Poppy getting out of hospital and getting his bypass done soon, the Stitches and Craft show and Daddy's birthday

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