Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here's Where I'm Up To...

From Meet Me At Mikes! from the ever-blogging, ever-tweeting Pip. How does she have the time?

Making: Wrap cardigan for Liam
Cooking: Since Friday night: Chicken hor fun noodles, roast lamb with vegetables, roast vegetable frittata, shepherd's pie, sweet potato & pumpkin soup, self-saucing chocolate pudding from the book & rice pudding with stewed apples. ALL meals devoured by offspring, makes Mummy proud
Drinking: Rosabaya Nespresso coffee or Earl Grey Royale T2 tea
Reading: Zakka Sewing
Wanting: A clean house
Looking: Flights and accommodation for a trip to Melbourne next month for the book launch
Playing: Nothing. Hubby shooting things on the xBox 360.
Wasting: Time on Google Reader and Twitter
Sewing: Summer clothes for everyone when new patterns arrive
Wishing: For more hours in the day
Enjoying: Warmer days and longer daylight
Waiting: For Dad to go back to hospital for his bypass
Liking: Cooking, hence all the cooking above
Wondering: How long until Summer kicks in full gear
Loving: Watching the kids play happily together
Hoping: Hubby has a lovely birthday next week
Marvelling: How well the kids are swimming
Needing: Nothing
Smelling: Dusk Creamy Caramel candle burning at my desk
Wearing: Fave Golfpunk jeans, Minkpink top and brand new Country Road ballet flats
Following: Lots of blogs
Noticing: My little man getting bigger every day
Knowing: I need to exercise more
Thinking: How lucky we all are
Bookmarking: Crafty labs and stalls to visit at the Stitches & Craft show Friday
Opening: Mail
Giggling: Watching Isabella trying to get Liam to play along with her games. He isn't a very good Prince Charming apparently.
Feeling: Content

Join in!

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Ellyn said...

love these.... I'm coming to your house for dinner! Just posted my list too