Friday, April 6, 2012


The nights have been perfect for knitting while catching up on taped TV shows that I seem to be forever behind on watching. Instead of buying new supplies, I'm determined to find some use for the odd balls that I have, so decided to beef up the gift box offerings. The first thing cast on is a little 6 month Milo using a pack of four natural yarns I bought back at the very first Sew It Together in Melbourne in 2010.

Yarn: Hawthorne Cottage Yarns English Leicester Longwool and Corriedale DK/8Ply

Not knowing exactly how much yarn I would use, I cast on the 6 month old size, for no-one in particular, just for the gift box. Now with half the yarn left over, I know I could have made it in a size for Eva to wear, oh well, into the gift box for when a baby cousin arrives later this year.

Pattern: Milo by Georgie Hallam (raveled here)

Now to find something to knit with some 3/4 balls of Bendigo DK. Something for Eva for Winter I think...

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Kylie said...

I love the milo vest. I have five that will come and go on the needles in the next few months. They make great gifts.