Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Blogtoberfest Day 29/Operation Getting Ready for Christmas 2008

This is my first Christmas since I started sewing, so of course I have wild ideas of all these things I'm going to make for people.

So I'm making a list, checking it twice and adding MORE things to it everyday. Hopefully If I start on them now with 8 weeks to go I'll manage to get most things done before a mad dash to the shops the day before Xmas to buy all the presants I didn't get finished in time!

I want to make one of these Gratitude Wraps for my mum. She's always picking up "spare" birthday/thank you cards etc so she has them on hand and this would be great for her. I made one up for myself to hold some cards and blank notebooks I have as a test run. Needless to say my binding abilities are atrocious so when I do mum's I'll have to think of another way.

I've been meaning to make this for ages, something to hold all of Bella's hair clips. I had grander plans but just never got around to it so this will do for now. You can't see it in the photo but one of the ribbons is the cutest chicken trefle ribbons I bought on etsy. This isn't for Christmas of course but at least I got it done before Christmas!

This is a Christmas present from my mum for this old lady who visits them everyday at their shop, a plastic covered shopping bag. She is 90-something and gives Isabella & Liam a present for every Birthday, Christening, Christmas. I have another 2 bags almost finished destined for Christmas presents as well. Well I might be keeping one, if I can just decide which one goes with my cupcake one I already have.

Only 2 more days of Blogtoberfest left, is everyone sick of my posts by now? I thought I spent a lot of time on Bloglines BEFORE, but now with everyone posting every day...


edward and lilly said...

I'm not sick of your posting. These chrissy presents are great, can't wait to see more of them! I need to get started on mine.

PinkLizzy said...

Love it LOVE IT!
The Card holder is adorable! I buy heaps of cards as well and a holder like that is such a cute idea.

Jo said...

That hairclip holder is a great idea I may have to steal for my DD!!
You have inspired me to get moving on some Christmas presents.