Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Craft Room

Now that The Big Move of 2012 is done with just a few of those "miscellaneous" boxes taunting me with their random junk, yesterday my eyes turned to my new sewing room...

My craft room is pretty tidy, I'm a bit of a "everything in it's own box" type of gal, and that's all around the house. Just ask my poor husband. I don't buy much fabric, and rarely for "stash", hence only 5 small boxes of fabric. 

Wanting a new project for on the lounge, I busted into my small scraps box a couple of nights ago. I tend to throw out most of my scraps, so I was limited with what I could do, but decided on using them for a quilt for Eva's little buddy Frankie who is a week older than her as a gift for her first birthday in March. Her Mum has asked me for a quilt since she loves the one I made her little boy a couple of years ago, and not wanting "girlie" and no particular colour in mind, I think this will be perfect.

So I cut a bunch of 7" hexagons, fused them onto 10" squares (Homespun Sand) and have been doing some hand stitching.

So far I love, and I think I have given myself plenty of time so no need to rush! 

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Ellyn said...

I love your neat & tidy sewing space. I am buried in clutter, trying to get it all neatened up... ready to give away some old magazines, etc. it's a mess & I wish it was FINISHED! The quilt will be adorable too.