Monday, January 2, 2012

The obligatory end of 2011 post

The obligatory post's of 2011 are popping up everywhere. While I do like the finality of having a goodbye 2011 and hello 2012, I'm surrounded in boxes and packing tape all in full gear to start moving house again tonight and tomorrow, so here goes my half-hearted effort...

  • Little Miss Evangeline arrived and instantly we all fell in love with the last little baby
  • Isabella started kindergarten
  • Liam started soccer
  • New friends seemed to be accumulated by everyone
  • Sewing, crafting, cooking
  • Business got busy
  • Dean started running and lost about 30kg
  • We finally booked our first holiday since our honeymoon 11 years ago 
Those are the biggies, but there were so many highlights and adventures as our new family of 5. Thankfully the downs were definitely outweighed by the good things, but we still had them. We sold our little unit Dean and I first bought when we got married and decided to rent for a while to save more deposit. 9 weeks into our lease, the owner decided to sell the house we were renting so lucky me got to hold 2 open inspections a week for 4 months which was tiresome, we started getting ready to move AGAIN (which is this weekend... eeek), Eva had two lots of surgery, and of course my Mum was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer.

So farewell 2011, you've been good and bad. Now back to that packing because January is going to be a busy way to start 2012. We're moving, passports need to be organised, Dean and I are away to Hayman Island for 3 nights, there's a 40th birthday party with a dress-up theme I need to sort out an outfit for, Eva has 3 specialist appointments at hospital and Isabella is back at school...

And to finish, since my blog IS mainly about sewing, that's how I finished 2011 and began 2012. Hopefully more sewing to come this year!

The last sewing for 2011...

Pattern: Skirt from Anna Marie Horners book Seams to Me. 
Fabric: Light weight denim

And the first sewing for 2012...

Pattern: Butterick 5489
Fabric: Japanese lawn from Spotlight

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