Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday morning

Last night we went to a 40th and at 10pm a friend casually asked me where she would be able to get a birthday cake for her little ones birthday this morning... umm the local bakeries aren't open on a Sunday! So this morning after being woken by little Miss Eva's giggles at 7am, we baked 18 pink cupcakes. 

High in my kitchen cupboard sits a giant pink plastic box, labelled "Party wares", full to the brim of spare straws, cups, cutlery, streamers, plates, and a nice little stash of cupcake cases all in a range of colours, ready for such an emergency bake off/party. So for little Juliet I decided on carnival striped Robert Gordon cupcake cases. 

I haven't used the stripe design before, but I have used the Robert Gordon blue gingham cases, and now both times I have been disappointed. While they are designed to be baked in, they really don't withstand the oven very well, discolouring and all the white becoming almost transparent. Lucky it is a pack of 50 so I had plenty left over to all another case to each once they had cooled. I have used the Paper Eskimo ones before and they do seem to hold their colour better, still not perfect, but a much better result.

Little Miss Eva has decided to try standing. Crawling just isn't enough apparently. Oh and Mummy's coffee table is a great chew toy which is great incentive to stand... hmmm cheeky girl.

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Belinda said...

I agree about the decorative cupcake cases.... they don't resist the oil in the cakes, it just seeps straight through. I am back to using the traditional style ones (multicoloured pack from Dijons)