Monday, October 8, 2012

kids clothes week fall 2012

It's not fall here in Australia, but I do know a few little ones around here who are desperate for some new clothes for our Summer. Slowly Ive been making a to do list, by all means they are not going to happen in one week, but it helps to have a grand plan of what the kids all need.

Of course for most of those I don't actually have any fabric, so a trip to a fabric store is on the cards tomorrow for some supplies. I have started on Ayashe, the low n' lazy pants and romper, so at least some sewing will be finished this week during KCWC.


rachelmp said...

I love how we like the same patterns for our kids :) I'm doing sailboat skirts and the Picnic Shorts. I wish the Puppet Show short came in larger sizes. Can't wait to see how you go!

Kate said...

I came across this for boys recently
Shorts are tricky for older girls, I tried a pattern from Etsy a few weeks ago and found a couple of others on there I might try.

Ellyn said...

yay for a trip to the fabric store! Enjoy