Sunday, October 14, 2012

kcwc fall 2012: day six

An extra project for Eva that wasn't on my to do list. I started with the Leila & Ben peasant dress pattern but modified it with elastic around the waist and plain sleeves. I may still add the elastic back into the sleeves, they are a touch too flow-y for little Miss Eva.

So one day left to go and my sewing to do list I started at the beginning of KCWC is looking good!
  • AYASHE by Figgy's Patterns for Eva
  • Low n' lazy pants by Cirque Du Bebe for Eva (finished but not photographed yet)
  • Romper for Eva
  • Jump Rope dress by Oliver & S for Bella
  • Playdate dress by Oliver & S for Eva
  • Puppet Show shorts by Oliver & S for Eva
  • Shorts for Bella (Capris finished but another couple of pairs would be good)
  • Skirts for both girls
  • Pants! Any pants.. the boy needs PANTS! (probably Sandbox pants by Oliver & S or Made basic pants) (turns out Liam had a secret stash of pants. After cleaning out all three kids wardrobes, he has enough to last him until next Winter. Bella meanwhile seems to have NO pants that fit her other than one pair of jeans)


bec said...

Great job! I may join along next time, but want everything cut out beforehand haha. I want an impressive list like yours at the end!

Ellyn said...

you are really on a roll!