Friday, September 2, 2011


August has been busy...

 Miss Eva started solids

Daddy had a birthday

 For Daddy's birthday, Eva decided to start snoozing from 7.30 to 7am every night

 Bella had Book Week at school and went dressed as Dashi the Octonaut from The Octonauts and the Whale Shark

I crocheted a cardigan for Eva in a much bigger size than the last Cecily to accomodate her growing girth using some beautiful Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Tea Rose color (raveled here)

 Eva started rolling (from both tummy and back on the same day, thank you very much)

 I went to Mathilda's market and bought some fabric

I made Eva a dress (Burda 9712) and also myself a dress, but that's in the wash after I wore it the moment I finished making it.

Yep August was busy, and with little Liam's 4th birthday and a birthday extravaganza planned plus the Mother-in-Law here for a week, September is sure to be just as crazy.


Miss Prudence said...

well that's was mighty nice of Miss Eva! Daddy's girl!

Ellyn said...

Love your creations, the yarn, the fabric AND the human ones!

The O's said...

LOVE that fabric (you know which one!!) did you buy it for me? So nice of you! Thanks, that will look nice as a quilt on my bed...

Dean is looking well, Eva is super cute and very clever, what is it about 5/6 y/o kids and Octonauts, Amelia's favourite (next to Big Bang Theory), glad you have found time in your crazy month to sew. Where's Liam, he's missing from the post!?!