Saturday, September 3, 2011


Today I should have been packing Eva and my bags for her trip into hospital for a week. We should have been starting her fasting for her surgery on Monday. I should have been finishing dinners for the freezer for the family for a week. I should have been checking off my list to make sure my Mother-in-Law who was coming to care for Liam and Bella had everything she needed, knew where everyone needed to be etc.

Instead, Dean stole Eva and took her for a walk in her pram to enjoy the sun, Liam and Bella are out on the back patio playing Hullabaloo, and I've just finished making Macaroons. A last minute cancellation by the hospital has pushed Eva's surgery back so her surgeon can instead look after an emergency case.

While I was annoyed that her surgery had been postponed at the very last minute for the second time, I was happy to have an unexpected week at home. Until I found out the Mother-in-Law is still coming, you know because she ignored my instructions to make sure she booked a flight that could be moved if something happened. She's here for a week. The whole week. Starting in about 2 hours time.

Now excuse me while I escape for coffee with a girlfriend before the week begins and devour a plate full of macaroons.


Kate said...

Such a pain to have it postponed. I have a packet of those macaroons I must make.

The O's said...

hmmm, coffee with a girl friend, that almost sounds like a plan we have to make...they look delicious, but I like cherry clafoutis myself x

PS: My word vaerifaction is 'nocal' I am reding it as no calories...!!