Sunday, September 25, 2011

Liam's Dr Seuss 4th Birthday

This weekend my little man had his first big party. All his friends from daycare came, we had family, and close friends all emerge on a Dr Seuss filled house...

From top left: Little bottles filled with Liam's favourite Banana Milkshakes or Strawberry Milkshake
"One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Happy Birthday Liam Fish" custom water bottles
"Beezlenut Tree Blossoms" (homemade popcorn) 
fruit kebabs
"Who-Pudding" (red jelly)
chocolate covered marshmellows
"Green eggs" (spearmint leaves), "Pelf Eggs" (Raspberry licorice bullets) and "Ruffle-necked sala-ma-goox eggs" (raspberry lollies) 
cardboard origami thank you boxes containing crayons and Dr Seuss coloring-in and games
and "Rare Who Roast Beast Pies" (party pies) and "Frankenfurter Roasts" (sausage rolls)

The Cat's Hat cake

Naomi from Hello Naomi made the custom cookies which were a massive hit

and of course party games galore. Pin the hat on the cat, pass the parcel and musical statues... he had a constant smile on his little face and Mummy may have enjoyed setting us his party as much as he enjoyed it!.

Cookies from Hello Naomi
Little bottles, bamboo spoons from The Little Big Company
Blue striped straws, polka dot cones from Little Red Chick
Custom labelled water bottles from Brewtopia


Ellyn said...

have you ever considered a career as a party planner??? what a great party! Happy Birthday to Liam!

74 Lime Lane said...

fabulous Lisa! what a great job. I love a little seussical fun!